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What to blog about when you are stuck about what to blog about

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m lacking a bit of inspiration as to what to blog about.  I don’t want to blog for the sake of it but I’m well aware that you need to keep content fresh, relevant and timely.  So in seeking some inspiration I took to google – where else right?… and came across  answerthepublic I’d seen it before but I kinda forgot about it,  and I have been obsessed ever since.

As a business it is a goldmine for you. The idea behind it is that you can find out what people – ie your target customers, are asking google, and then you can provide answers to  their questions via your content. The team over at answer the public say ” we built simple visualisations of the data. A one-pager that could be shared to prompt a conversation on how you could start answering your public better. By creating content that’s useful, funny or inspiring.”  and that they have done.

So being a little stuck about where to turn to next in providing valuable advice on how to market and promote your small business I turned to answer the public myself. It is all to easy to get sucked into just producing content for the sake of it so I was interested to see the answers that were generated.. and here are the results.

What to blog about

As a result I’ve got tonnes of ideas as to what to blog about that is relevant to what people are asking, What they are stuck on and what they need help with. I can now build my content plan over the next few weeks and months with highly relevant content that people are interested in.

Of course creating the blog is only part of the story. You need to also look at how to ensure that your blog post is shared and maximised. Check out a previous blog post we did on this if you need some help with this and let me know how you get on with answer the public.

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