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3 Travel Trends Every Business Traveller Should Consider

Trends are always changing. Whether it’s fashion or food, trends change as often as your clothes do everyday. Business travels change just as often but it’s not as noticeable like food or fashion trends are for us. Not everyone keeps a close eye on air travel since there’s not much that can really change. It’s not like interior designs of different airlines are that noticeable that you’d actually pay close attention to it seasonally. Be that as it may, for most businessmen who spend most of their working hours in the air than on land, it’s very different for them. Since they practically live in flying tubes soaring through the air, they notice most of the things we don’t. Things like the varying textures of an airline seat against your gluteus, or the spacing of the seats or the simple atmosphere of the cabin, things we, not-so-frequent, flyers wouldn’t notice at all.   So here are things that we think every business traveller should turn into a trend!

One trend that you should start catching on is the “Early Bird” trend. Most businessmen nowadays arrive at the airport an hour or more at the airport due to the growing number of commodities that being served such as salons, massage parlours and cafes that offer free WiFi. If your lucky enough to be travelling Virgin Atlantic Upper Class then you have to visit the Club House! This gives you a chance to finish most of your work or do final preparations before you leave but also get a manicure ( not just for the ladies!) or get your hair cut. Imagine the convenience of doing most of your tasks and preparations inside the airport itself. Alright I know the thought of spending more time in airport is a hideous one - but consider it might even enjoy the experiences? and  for once you wont be panicking about missing your flight.

This next trend capitalizes on your sales skills. Let’s call this one the “On-The-Go Marketer”. Haven’t you ever noticed that an airport is like a buffet of opportunities for business people? Most of the people you walk with, the person next to you in the loo or sitting next beside you can be your next client or partner? In a study I came across, it is said that one out of five people have done business with someone they met on a plane ride. This doesn’t seem far from the truth because if you think about it; if you’re on a flight for more than 10 hours, there’s only so much you can do by yourself. Especially if you’re flying alone, you’d want to have even just a simple conversation with the person sitting next to you, probably violating your personal space. Ok it possibly goes against all your intuition ( if you are British!) but it really won’t hurt to start conversations with people who are waiting for the same flight as you are or the person seated next to you. Unless of course they don’t want to talk to you and you’re stuck with this awkward heavy feeling of shame for the rest of the flight.. trust me it has happened to me!


Last but definitely not the least, the best trend out there for business travellers is, “Relax”.  Relax? What is that I hear you say? Well let me explain. The best ideas or solutions to problems come from the times you’re actually not thinking of them. We get so caught up with our busy schedules nowadays that we “think” we don’t have time to stop and actually think when that’s what we need to do. Where best to do it than 35,000ft in the sky with nothing but blue skies and pure white clouds to think about. There’s nothing better than having you and your thoughts converse because there’s no one better to guide you than yourself.

So next time you’re on a plane going to your next business meeting, take your time in the airport, on the plane and with yourself. You’ll never know whom you’d meet, what you’d think about and where you’d be next after all this.

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