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Best Airlines For the Best Business Travel Experience

Dreading  your next Business Travel 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to Dubai because you have to attend a conference? How do you identify the best airlines to fly with? Schedule? Frequent flyer programme? Price? There is so much choice now but personally I normally go with which airline offers direct flights to my destination and have comfy seats, even for economy - plus the age of the planes. As a potentially nervous flyer - despite all the flights taken the safety record is important to me.

So we’ve compiled a list of the best airlines you should consider when travelling - that we would also use!

To start-off our list, we have Qantas Airways; the thunder from down-under. This Australian airline has a strong customer service, which they’re been praised for. Their inflight entertainment is also superb and they have a fatality-free safety record so you can be sure you’re safe in the air with them.

Next in our list is Air France. Even though they’ve had quite a turbulent past, Air France is now leveling-off and making progress. Just recently, they’ve been honored by being named the “World’s Most Improved Airlines” by the Skytrax World Airline Awards. For those who love living in First Class, Air France has it’s “La Premiere” First Class Suites which is quite impressive, to say the least.

Our fourth has won the Skytrax award for “Best airline is Europe” five years in a row. Turkish Airlines has ruled the skies of Europe because of the influx of tourists who visit the culture-filled capital of Turkey, Istanbul. Flying to over 100 countries and 200 cities, and the new Istanbul airport scheduled for opening in 2017 they will only get better

For Asia flights you of course need to consider Cathay Pacific. This Hong Kong-based fleet took the prize for being the best Transpacific Airline. Their offer of high-frequency flights with their long-range fleet of Boeing 777-300ER gives you one of the best flying experiences in Asia. Skytrax also acknowledges them for having great seat comfort, service quality and inflight entertainment.

Our number two is the very famous Singapore Airlines. With their exceptional service of taking extreme care of their customers and their personalized TV’s, even for economy, it’s no wonder Singapore Airlines is on this list. Here’s a great example of pleasure in flight.

Our number one rests by the Persian Gulf. Qatar Airways is our “First to consider” airline simply because they’ve earned it. They’ve received countless praises, from their seat comfort to inflight entertainment, even to the “Best Business-Class Seats.” Their Economy Class features smartphone and tablet connectivity to a personalized monitor. They have flight to over 125 destinations and have plans to expand to 50 more. So if you plan on making that long-haul to god-knows-where, might as well do it in style and with pleasure.

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So the next time you’re in a hurry to pick a flight, keep in mind this list and do a little research. You’ll never know what other surprises you might find out there. Fly safe, smart and comfortably - check out our tips for Business Travel. If you’re destination is purely business, might as well make your flight the vacation.

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