Want to join a small group of other business owners each month to develop your marketing expertise. Want to ensure that you are developing your marketing skills and moving your business forward? Want to network and meet like minded people at the same time?

If the answer is yes then join us for the Magnify your Marketing coaching blueprint .. …designed to offer marketing support for small & medium business.

How does it work?

Magnify is a a 10 week coaching program designed to help you to start, build or grow your business.

There will be weekly in person sessions at Lakeside or a back up virtual session if you cant make the in person session

The Magnify Your Marketing Blueprint follows our 5C model and will help to;

Make sure you are on the right path by focussing on essential tasks at this stage of your business and ensure that you have the basics in place.

Figure out how to find and communicate with the people that are actually going to buy and love what you are selling.

Learn how to craft your offer.

Make sense of confusing marketing jargon and strategies.

1. Create a marketing plan to help you reach your business goals.

We start by looking at what you are aiming to achieve with your business, in the next few months and longer term. Then create a marketing plan to help you reach those goals.

2. Learn to read your customers’ minds.

We’ll develop customer personas for your business. These profiles help you get to know your customer better, understand what they need, and anticipate the marketing messages they will respond to.

3. Position your business right where you want it to be in your market.

We’ll help you research your market to discover the alternative products or providers that are available to your target customers, and how you compare to those. And we’ll look at where are you in the market now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

4. Communicate clear messages.

Taking into account where you want to be positioned in the market, what are the messages you want your target customer to hear? And how can you deliver those?

5. Develop your marketing toolkit.

We look at the tools available to help you hit your marketing goals, how to choose the right ones for your business and audience, and how to use them effectively.

6. Master social media.

Social media marketing is bursting with potential, but is often a terrible time-waster for small business owners. We’ll show you how to choose the right social media platforms to reach your audience, and how to get measurable results from your social media activities.

7. Plan a content calendar.

A content calendar breaks down your marketing plan into small, manageable activities to do over time. Effective marketing is the result of consistent action – something your new content calendar will help you achieve.

8. Measure your marketing results.

The proof is in the numbers. We’ll show you what to monitor and how to track it, so that you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. And we can help you adapt your plans to get the results you want.

In less than three month’s time you could have:

A complete marketing strategy to help you hit your business growth goals.

  • A schedule of actionable tasks to put your marketing strategy into practice.
  • A list of key measures to track the success of your marketing efforts.

Because this is the first time I have run this program, spaces are limited and you can secure your space for a lump sum payment of £499 or 3 payments of £195 (this program will be £999 for future groups) and you will get access to the following:

  1. A 10 week coaching program with training and support to help you finally get straight on marketing your business
  2. A weekly live group coaching session to get support, feedback and overcome your hurdles. I’ll be answering your questions and giving feedback on your plans and. If you miss a call, you can submit a question in advance and I will answer it on the call anyway.
  3. 5 specialist workshops in the key areas of the 5C program
  4. Recordings of all live coaching calls and specialist workshops.
  5. Get feedback on your messaging, branding and campaigns in the members community.
  6. Group challenges for accountability, motivation and fun!
  7. Receive weekly tasks and actions to help you apply the theory to your business.
  8. Get access to a library of social media tools to support your online marketing activities.
  9. Receive planning templates to help you map out your future marketing activities.

Invest in yourself and your business now and by the start of the new year, you will have an actionable marketing plan to grow your business.

With the right support, expertise and marketing plan, imagine what your business could achieve in 2018.

Fast action bonus!
If you sign up and pay by 30th December you will also get a bonus ticket for an in person Kick Start your 2018 marketing  event, to plan out your first 90 day plan to make a fast start for 2018.

Places are limited to 10 and next class starts January 10th 2018.

This isn’t a self-study course where you are left to flounder. This is a coaching program and we are here to help you put what you learn into practice. So we can give you the time and attention you need. There are hundreds of small business owners in your town who would benefit from joining The Magnify your Marketing Blueprint, but only enough space for ten of them. Register now to secure your place.

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Magnify is a a 10 week coaching program designed to help you to start, build or grow your business.

The Magnify Your Marketing Blueprint follows our 5C model and will help to finally make sure you are on the right path by focussing on essential tasks and ensure that you have the basics in place.

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You could try teaching yourself, but….
Where would you start? Which information sources can you trust? How do you know you’re reading the most up-to-date advice? And have you considered the value of your own time? Self-study is far more time consuming than following an expert-led programme. Your time isn’t free; it’s a valuable, and non-replenishable commodity. Invest it wisely  and you will quickly and confidently acquire current, reliable online marketing knowledge from an experienced expert.

Because this is first time the program has been run, we are only taking on 10 students and it is available at half the cost that it will normally run at. In exchange I would request your feedback on the program and a testimonial at the end.